Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

I just finished reading this and I’m reading it again so it’s probably obvious that I liked it.

Disclosure: I love the way Holly Black writes, and I love what she writes. I haven’t read all the Spiderwick Chronicles yet (because my kids get scared and I have to stop) but the books of The Curse Workers trilogy are among my absolute favourites, I love Valiant and I was sick with envy and Image of Coldest Girl in Coldtown cover (hand with writing down inside of the wrist)also (a little) with love at the tortured fae knight of Tithe.

It would take a lot to make me hate something Holly Black wrote.

I’ll try to come up with a negative… um. I didn’t like the writing quite as much as I liked the writing in the Curse Workers, and I have a feeling that might have been because it’s third person past instead of first person present. I know lots of people prefer third person past, but I find fpp ridiculously immersive and instantly involving. Not much of a negative, because I still loved the writing. There were sections — especially of conversation — that I loved beyond all reason.

Second maybe-negative: vampires. I’ve read a fair number of vampire books over the last few years (Sunshine by Robin McKinley was probably my favourite, with all the cinnamon rolls and the fantastic touches of worldbuilding — I so badly wanted the story to continue and I’m sick that she never writes sequels — but I enjoyed Twilight and the Sookie books and lots of others too, and I read Anne Rice all those years ago (but I confess I probably liked her witches books better than the vampire ones)). I was so very sure I was sick of vampires. There was a stage when I picked up a book, discovered the love interest was a vampire and put the book down again straight away.

This isn’t really a negative either, for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, because I didn’t hate these vampires at all (except the ones I was meant to hate — I mean, they didn’t make me groan and close the book just because they were vampires).

But… (the rest of this post contains kind-of spoilers for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown — proceed to page 2 if you don’t care)

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