Review: The Queen’s Necklace — Teresa Edgerton (beware! spoilers!)

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The Queen's NecklaceThe Queen’s Necklace by Teresa Edgerton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, now I’m at the end, I need to gather my thoughts…

I really enjoyed the book. I liked the rich and complicated world and characters and I loved the idea of the goblin machines that were needed to support the existence of life. The frozen society that had been created as perfect and held that way was an excellent background to the characters — few of whom were actually what they seemed to be, and none of whom did what they were told.

The relationship between Lili and Wilrowan was very well done — the scene where they finally get together was lovely and the scene when Wilrowan caught up with Lili and Bastian brought tears to my eyes.

My favourite character was, of course, Wilrowan’s grandmother, Lady Krogan. She was utterly marvelous and I sincerely hope that when I investigate Teresa Edgerton’s other books I find that there is one which centres on her.

One way in which the book is hugely successful, for me, is in the absolutely real world with its history and mannerisms and expectations — for such a rich and detailed book, the world-building is very light. It doesn’t intrude on the story and it enriches everything. And it’s different — which was really exciting — it was dark and strange and absolutely believable. One of those worlds that stays in your head even when you’re not reading and colours everything you do. I recently read Daniel Abraham’s The Long Price series, and the world-building seemed of a similar quality to me — encompassing and excellent.

So I would absolutely recommend The Queen’s Necklace, especially if you’re looking for something a little different.

While I was reading, I worried that I didn’t have anything negative to say so this wouldn’t be a proper review. Now I’ve finished, though, I do!

And it’s this: I need more!

The set up is extended and fascinating, and when the adventure begins, it’s even more engaging. I coped fine with the switches between times (largely by not worrying too much about them) and it all made perfect sense. But the end needs more… Two fascinating characters vanish into the night and I need to know what happens to them! I like books which don’t tie everything up at the end, I do, really, but if there is ever a sequel, I really want to know about it!

In fact, I did sometimes feel towards the end that I could have done with more depth on some of the characters and their fates. I feel a bit hypocritical saying this, because generally I don’t like huge amounts of depth on minor characters, especially as everything is charging towards the climax and things are really exciting. The writing style in this book really suited me because there was depth without slowing things down. Still, I would have liked a little more on the queen’s death, and I’d like to know if Nick survived (I have to assume not, I suppose).

To conclude: I loved The Queen’s Necklace and, if it has a fault, it’s that there isn’t enough of it.

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