Death! (YA thoughts)

Generally, my favourite books are those where the characters have hope. I detest tragedies; I hated Cover of Thirteen Reasons Whyeverything I read by Thomas Hardy (if only they’d stop forcing people to read The Mayor of Casterbridge at school — actually, they may have done. Macbeth, too).  I don’t like books where important characters are killed (so, yes, I struggle with “grimdark” or whatever the term is for books where people are being murdered all over the place). I need to feel there’s a chance of things ending well.

I know that makes me a wuss but I have just about come to terms with it and I tend to stick to stories where I’m reasonably sure I’m not going to be deeply traumatised by the characters’ fates.

Beware! The rest of this post contains spoilers for Thirteen Reasons Why, Before I Fall and Codename Verity. Not very serious spoilers since I’m talking about the beginning of the books, or even about stuff that’s printed in the blurb, but still, I’ve split the post into two pages so no one accidentally trips over information they don’t want.

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