777 Writers’ Game

I was tagged by Jo Zebedee, author of the Abendau series (Tickety Boo Press) and the dark YA, Inish Carraig.

I had to take a work in progress, go to a page ending in 7 and show 7 lines, and then I have to tag 7 others to do so.

I picked something I’ve just started (there are only about 10 pages so far) and it doesn’t have a name yet…

“What happened to Sveta?”

He makes a clicking noise with the gun. “Get your jeans down.”

I shove the jeans down my hips and watch him place the needle.

“Most people like to look away.”

“Uh huh.” I want to see where the tracker goes, since I might end up trying to cut it out and there’s no point making more of a mess than I need to.

Hurts. Like Hell.

And I’ll tag… Susan Boulton, Sam Primeau, Scott Maryat, Michael Colton, Ray McCarthy, Ursa (whose real name I don’t know!), and Sarah David.

Forgive me ;)

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